Prepare a Map Attachment Upload - Fluid Topics - 3.2 - Technical Notes

Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

When uploading content to be attached to a publication, you must provide the appropriate files and a mapping file for Fluid Topics to know where to find the new content.

Each new upload must be a ZIP file that contains:

  • The file(s) to be attached


  • A mapping.json file containing the path to the updated content. The mapping.json file within the archive must only refer to files contained within the same archive.

As in the following example:

├─ mapping.json
├─ file_to_be_attached_1.pdf
└─ file_to_be_attached_2.avi

All publication filenames must be unique.

Attached Documents uploaded this way can only be retrieved via the Related Download button on the Reader page. They are not indexed and should be considered as appendices for the specified publication.

  1. Have structured content already uploaded on the Fluid Topics portal.
  2. Create the mapping.json file
  3. Create an archive ZIP file containing the mapping.json and the document(s) to attach.
  4. Upload the archive through the "MapAttachments" PaF in the Back Office.

Due to the fact that the mapping.json file needs to know the URI of the map, this feature only works if you have already uploaded Structured Content to your portal.