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Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

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Technical Notes

Author-It XML exports are fully managed by the CMS itself.

The following lines describe how to export your content from Author-it in XML:

Select and export your content
  1. Click the Publish tab.
  2. In "Publish To", click the XML icon.
  3. Choose XML in the scroll-down menu:

    Available types in the menu: DITA and XML
  4. Repeat the same procedure for each publication you wish to export.
    • If you use the Cloud version of Author-it, an email will be sent to you. It contains a link to download your publication in order to upload it on Fluid Topics (either using the Publish interface or the Web API).
    • If you use the On-Premises version of Author-it, the publication result will be available in the configurable directory.