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Technical Notes

The ft:resources attributes are used to control the content processing strategy or to define parameters that are common to all resources:

  • xmlns:ft – This parameter is used to determine Fluid Topics namespace within the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml Control File. It must always point to the following address: http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v2/ft#
  • xmlns:xsi – This parameter must point to the following address: http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance
  • xsi:schemaLocation="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v3/udControlFile.xsd – This parameter defines the used schema location.
  • subTree – The archives must be consistent and all have the same base directory. However, your archive export can start at the deeper location at the only condition that you set this parameter to the prefix that should be added to your archive root node to build the complete path to the base directory.


    It is possible to set subTree to /Content, and then have an archive with the following structure:

    ├── Time-Machine-101.pdf
    └── Time-Machine-user_guide.pdf
  • extractFileMetadata – This "yes/no" parameter indicates whether Fluid Topics should try to extract metadata from the file itself (if they exist) and use them to enrich the file definition.
    Note: This parameter only makes sense if files are in PDF, Word, or Excel format. Simple text files like HTML or XML do not embed such additional metadata.

    The default value for this parameter is no.

    The extractFileMetadata parameter can be overridden for each resource individually by using the same attribute as the ft:resource element.

Attention: By default, ALL files present in the archive are processed.

Example of an exhaustive ft:resources element:

<ft:resources xmlns:ft="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v2/ft#" 
xsi:schemaLocation="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v3/udControlFile.xsd subTree="Content/Topics/" 
processingPolicy="controlFile" extractFileMetadata="yes">
Attention: Always use the following namespace: xmlns:ft=http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v2/ft#