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Fluid Topics analytics make it possible to know which topics are the most frequently consulted.

naly click

The following analytics are available for the most frequently consulted elements:

  • When a user clicks a publication title from the Search Results page.
  • When a user clicks a topic title from the Search Results page.
  • When a user consults a topic for at least 8 seconds in the Reader page.

In the Hit Parade, consult the "Most clicked documents" section:

anal click

The "Most clicked documents" section is displayed as a table divided as follows:

  1. Rank: The rank of the element, starting from the most frequently consulted, for the given time period.
  2. Document: The link to the element. This link can be clicked to access the Fluid Topics portal and consult the relevant topic/publication. Publications in the table have a link ending with "/root".
  3. Label: The label of the element. It can be either the title of the publication or the title of the relevant topic.
  4. Hits: The number of consultations of the element for the given time period.