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It is possible to create as many filters in a View as needed, in order to consult analytics for a specific set of facet values.

To create a view for a set of facet values, perform the following in the View Editor window:

  1. Click afs:filter to add a facet value in the View.

    The following field is displayed:

    Analytics View Facet Value

  2. Repeat the operation to add new facet values to the View.

    Analytics View Facet Values set

    For example, to filter the analytics only on the "Release notes" value of the "Category" facet, for the "Fluid Topics" product in version "v3.1", enter the following:

    1. Category="Release notes"
    2. Product="Fluid Topics"
    3. FT_version="v3.1"
  3. Click SAVE.