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The ft_generate_saas_apache_virtual_host_conf script is used to generate the Apache virtual host configuration file for a Fluid Topics tenant in Antidot SaaS.

Command template:

ft_generate_saas_apache_virtual_host_conf -s $SERVICE_ID -S $SERVICE_STATUS -dn $DOMAIN_NAME [-v] [-h]

Command example:

ft_generate_saas_apache_virtual_host_conf -s 8 -S stable -dn my_fluidtopics.com

Command arguments:

  • -s: Expects the service ID used to identify the tenant. Can also be written --service.
  • -S: Expects the service status used to identify the tenant among the following list:
    • stable
    • rc
    • beta
    • alpha
    • sandbox
    • archive
  • -dn: Expects the domain name of the Fluid Topics instance. Can also be written --domain-name.
  • -h: Displays the help and lists all available optional arguments for the command. Can also be written --help.

  • -v: Activates the verbose mode. Can also be written --verbose.

The script is available in the antidot-fluidtopics-reply package.