Configure Interface Languages - Fluid Topics - 3.3 - Technical Notes

Manage Languages in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

The language used for the interface of your Fluid Topics portal must be defined in the conf.json configuration file.

Edit the following file:

As antidot user


In the languages parameter of the ui object, add the ISO code of the desired UI language as in the following example:

  "projectName": "Antidot Technical Publications",
  "ui": {
    "languages": [
The first language entered in this list is considered as the default language and must be specified in all the parameters of the configuration file where a language must be entered, such as the following examples:
  • mainTitle
  • subTitle
  • metadata
  • footer
  • And so on
Note: This XML file is also used to manage the text of Fluid Topics email messages.