Upload Data through a Source - Fluid Topics - 3.3 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

To upload new documentation, you have to send it to the Fluid Topics portal through a source.

Method Endpoint
POST /api/admin/khub/sources/$SOURCE_ID/upload

Where $SOURCE_ID is the identifier of the created source .

The server automatically updates your ZIP file and adds the source information so that it can be correctly processed by the connector.

The ZIP file must be sent as "file" multipart content.

Tip: Data can be uploaded through a source using the following CURL command:
curl --request POST --form "file=@$MY_ARCHIVE.ZIP" --header "FT-Authorization: Basic $BASE64-ENCODED_LOGIN:PASSWORD" https://my-fluidtopics.net/api/admin/khub/sources/$SOURCE_ID/upload
Attention: The selected source is used when generating URI to access the content on the Fluid Topics portal. Processing the same data through different sources creates duplicates of said data.
Attention: This web service is only available to users with the KHUB Administrator Role . Basic authentication through the header using an internal account (not a Single Sign On one) is required.