Updating the Access Rights of a DITA-generated Map - Fluid Topics - 3.3 - Technical Notes

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Technical Notes

It is possible to update the access rights of a DITA-generated map through the FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml Control File as follows:

  1. Create or open a FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml control file.
  2. Enter the proper path and filename of the DITA map (and the DITAVAL if necessary) to update from within the previously upload archive in the ft:ditamapFile parameter.
  3. Set the status of the specified ft:resource to "visible".
  4. Add a restrictions element and set the groups element with one or many group element values corresponding to the groups the DITA map belongs to.
  5. Create an archive containing the modified FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml control file.
  6. Upload the archive using the Web Service.
Note: When successfully uploading a control file (FluidTopicsControlFile.xml or FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml) through a source that is not of the Unstructured Documents type, no feedback is provided in the History table of the Knowledge Hub interface. However, even though Success=0, Failed=0 and Rejected files=0 mean that the upload was successful.
No failed or rejected file means that the upload was successful
More information about the upload can be consulted in the Dataflow interface of the Back Office.


The following lines show a FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml control file set to update the access rights of a map containing a DITAVAL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <ft:resources xmlns:ft="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v2/ft-dita#" 
  <ft:resource status="visible">