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The ft:prettyUrl metadata element is available for Unstructured Documents.

- Defining metadata for an Unstructured Documents requires a control file.

- When creating pretty URLs manually, colons, question marks, brackets, at signs, and percent signs are forbidden. Exclamation points, dollar signs, ampersands, apostrophes, parentheses, plus signs, commas, semicolons, and equals signs are allowed. All other non-ASCII characters are displayed as percent-encoded.

The following lines show how to define a value for the ft:prettyUrl metadata key in a control file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<resource lang="en-US">
<displayName>OD1000 Time Machine Assembly</displayName>
<description>This document presents the assembly of the OD1000 Time Machine parts.</description>
<meta key="ft:prettyUrl">