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Once a vocabulary is published in the Back Office, the next step is to access the Enrich and Clean administration interface and configure a new rule.

Attention: The New rule button is disabled if no vocabulary has been defined.
  1. In Administration > Knowledge Hub > Enrich and Clean, select New rule.

    The New rule button opens the new rule pop-up.

    The following pop-up is displayed:

    The New rule pop-up allows users to create a new rule.

  2. Set the new rule as follows:
    • Define the metadata key as animal_name.

    • Select the vocabulary to be used to define a rule for the metadata key.

    • Enter a name for the newly generated metadata.
      Note: If no name is entered here, the new metadata is named $metadata_custom, e.g., animal_name_custom.
    • Leave Apply hierarchy and Remove unclassified values unchecked.
    • Note: The Apply hierarchy option is relevant when creating a hierarchical facet, and the Remove unclassified values option is relevant when there are values not mentioned in the vocabulary.
  3. Select Create.

    The new rule is available in the Enrich and Clean interface.

    The Enrichment table gathers the vocabulary to apply and the metadata to enrich
  4. Select Save and Apply to confirm all modifications.
    Note: Saving and applying modifications launches a content reprocessing job. Reprocessing content can take a few minutes or many hours, depending on the size of the corpus. New uploads are put on hold until the reprocessed job is finished.
    Tip: Fluid Topics version 3.4.63 add the possibility to launch a reprocessing job by selecting the button.