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The Remove unclassified values option allows administrators to blacklist all values not listed in a vocabulary, as in the following example:

In all documents about gazelles, several values are set for the keyword metadata key:

Document keyword keyword
Gazelle Definition mammal Africa
Gazelle Etymology and Name mammalia Middle-East
Gazelle Species Africa viviparous animal
Gazelle Prehistoric Extinctions viviparous africa

The keywords related to the type of animal are useful.

On the other hand, the keywords referring to a geographical location do not add significant value.

If documents are published as is, keyword facet values are displayed in Fluid Topics as follows:

Facet values before removing the Unclassified Values

In the image above, several keyword values are displayed, but not all of them are pertinent.

It is possible to use the Enrich and Clean feature and its Remove unclassified values option to clean and filter facet values as follows:

Create a new Vocabulary named keyword_clean to clean the keyword Mammal by applying the following synonyms:
  • Mammal=(mammal, mammalia, viviparous, viviparous animal)
Note: For more information, see Add Synonyms to a Vocabulary.
Apply the keyword_clean vocabulary on the keyword metadata element in Fluid Topics. For more details about this procedure, see Configure a Rule.
Attention: Do not forget to set the keyword metadata element so that it is displayed on the portal. To declare and configure metadata, see Declare Metadata.
Select the Save button. This launches a reprocess job.

The following screenshot shows how keyword facet values are displayed in Fluid Topics.

Although Mammal was cleaned, Fluid Topics still displays the information about geographical location.

Facet values cleaned after the the Removal of Unclassified Values

In the Fluid Topics Enrich and Clean interface, check the Remove unclassified values option for keyword metadata.

Remove Unclassified Values option is checked for keyword metadata element

As the "Africa", "africa", and "Middle-East" values are not mentioned in the keyword_clean vocabulary, Fluid Topics ignores them when creating the facet.

The following screenshot shows how a Keywords facet is cleaned, filtered and displayed in Fluid Topics:

Facet values cleaned and filtered

Fluid Topics displays only the most relevant information.