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The vocabulary is created, but it is empty. The next step is to add terms to it as follows:

  1. Select New Term.

    The new vocabulary's list of terms is empty
  2. Enter the main term of the vocabulary, Gazelle, in the Term field. Main terms are displayed as facet values in Fluid Topics.

    Note: A term is not necessarily one single word. It can be an expression.
  3. In the Synonyms field, enter springbuck as a synonym for Gazelle.
  4. Select Save and New to add more synonyms.
  5. Add both antelope and Antidorcas marsupialis.
  6. Select Save to validate the last synonym.
  7. Back in the list of terms, the main term is displayed with its three synonyms.

    The vocabulary is displayed with the terms it contains
  8. Lastly, select Publish.