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Enrich and Clean Metadata

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The Enrich and Clean feature allows ADMIN and KHUB_ADMIN users to improve the usability and consistency of metadata throughout the portal. As its name suggests, the feature has a twofold objective:

Clean metadata

Fluid Topics extracts metadata from documents to create facets. This is why it is important to define a single name for each metadata value. In a large team of technical writers, however, not everyone names metadata values in the same way. For example, different authors might refer to version 7.0 of a product as:

  • v7.0
  • v7
  • 7.0.0

Manually homogenizing this metadata can be time-consuming. This is why the Enrich and Clean feature exists. It allows administrators to clean metadata values by defining synonyms in the Back Office.

Enrich metadata

One of the most common ways to enrich metadata in Fluid Topics is to hierarchize facet values. This is particularly useful if there are multiple values for the same facet:

Enriching metadata