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Enrich and Clean Metadata

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The following example illustrates how administrators can use the Enrich and Clean feature to enrich metadata.

In a group of six DITA documents, all share the subclass metadata key, with values as follows:

Document Class subclass value
Peugeot 108 Cars City Cars
Jeep Cherokee Cars Crossover SUVs
Kayak Boats Unpowered boats
Keelboat Boats Sailboats
Montgolfier Balloon Aircraft Balloons
Concorde Aircraft Jet Aircraft

If an administrator does not create a taxonomy, these values are displayed in Fluid Topics as follows:

Facets not organized nor categorized
By creating a taxonomy, it is possible to classify the values by means of transportation: Cars, Boats, and Aircraft:
  • Transportation
    • Cars
      • City Cars
      • Crossover SUVs
    • Boats
      • Unpowered Boats
      • Sailboats
    • Aircraft
      • Balloons
      • Jet Aircraft

This hierarchical facet is displayed in Fluid Topics as follows:

Hierarchical facet expanded