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It is possible to have a different header for each interface language.

Select Administration > Portal > Templates and add a header template for each interface language, as shown in the following example:

Note: If the language of the portal has no corresponding header template, it reverts to using the default one: header.vm
It is possible to define a fallback mechanism in the template. For instance, if a tenant has the following three header files:
  • header.en-US.vm
  • header.en-GB.vm
  • header.vm

If the interface language is en, the template set in header.en-US.vm is generated.

If the interface language is en-GB, the template set in header.en-GB.vm is generated.

If the interface language is fr-FR, the default template set in header.vm is generated.

Tip: In order to always have a fallback solution, it is highly recommended to use a template named header.vm when adding custom headers.