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While Fluid Topics supports a set number of interface languages, it supports a significantly wider variety of content languages. For certain content languages, Fluid Topics supports linguistic algorithms (e.g., agglutination, stemming, etc.). The following non-exhaustive list provides details about the nature of this support.

Attention: Since AFS v7.9, all language codes in Fluid Topics must include an ISO 639-1 language designator in lowercase and an ISO 3166-1 region designator in uppercase, separated by a hyphen (e.g., en-US, fr-CA, zh-TW, etc.). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) maintains a list of official region designators. ADMIN and KHUB_ADMIN users must enter the language codes listed here in XML documents (as a value of the @xml:lang attribute) and in filename suffixes.
Language name Language designator Stemming dictionary Stop words Agglutinative support
Turkish tr x   x
Korean ko      
Japanese ja     x
Dutch nl x x x
English en x x  
German de x x x
Swedish sv x   x
Greek el      
Catalan, Valencian ca x    
French fr x x  
Italian it x x  
Portuguese pt x    
Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan ro      
Spanish, Castilian es x x x
Czech cs x   x
Polish pl x    
Russian ru x    
Traditional Chinese zh      
Simplified Chinese zh      
Finnish fi     x
Hungarian hu x   x