Introduction - Fluid Topics - 3.4 - Technical Notes

Understand Linguistics in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Fluid Topics embeds the Antidot Finder Suite (AFS) solution, the faceted semantic search engine providing fast and relevant results on the portal.

AFS provides the users the benefits offered by vocabularies and their structure all along the indexing process: thesauri, reference lists, taxonomies, ontologies, and so on.

The AFS Back Office makes it possible to manage all the vocabularies for a service instance. With the Vocabularies application, users can deal with these elements for the processing pipeline of their search solution. Each time a processing pipeline is launched, AFS checks the latest published vocabularies made available in the Back Office.
The place of linguistics in Fluid Topics data processing

Note: To apply a vocabulary (synonyms, taxonomies, or thesauri) to the content of a portal, it is necessary to reindex contents. This can be done using the Reindex Contents web service or by clicking the Reprocess button of the Enrich & Clean interface.