Publishing Author-it Content Overview - Fluid Topics - 3.4 - Technical Notes

Upload Author-it Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Note: From now on, Author-it legacy XML is deprecated. It does not benefit from new Author-it improvements anymore.

Fluid Topics can process Author-it generated content through the Authorit processing pipeline.

This section describes the steps to prepare and upload Author-it content to Fluid Topics.

The following diagram shows the document processing from Author-it to Fluid Topics using the Authorit processing pipeline:
Authorit document processing
  1. The user launches the document export in Author-it.
  2. The user retrieves the ZIP archive and uploads it to Fluid Topics.
  3. The document is transformed into resolved HTML5 by the Fluidtopics PaF.

Perform the following steps to upload Author-it-generated content to Fluid Topics:

  1. Export your Author-it content.
  2. Generate Author-it publication configuration
  3. Upload the Author-it publication configuration file to the server.
  4. Prepare an file containing your Author-It generated content.
  5. Upload the archive using:
Tip: We recommend using the appropriate web services to upload content to Fluid Topics. Using the Back Office to upload content is the legacy method.