DITAVAL-References - Fluid Topics - 3.4 - Technical Notes

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Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Note: Fluid Topics handles DITAVAL-references from version 3.4.25.
Here are some possibilities offered by DITAVAL-references and compatible with Fluid Topics:
Note: To learn more about the ditavalref guidelines, see the official DITA documentation.
Attention: The use of DITAVAL-references requires DITA-OT version 2.5 and higher.
Attention: In a Fluid Topics context, do not mix DITAVALs and DITAVAL-references for a same DITA map. DITAVAL-references prevail over DITAVALs not referred to with DITAVAL-references in the DITA map. As a result, only DITAVAL-references would be applied to the DITA map.
Note: The <ditavalref> element is a specialization of the <topicref> element. Thus, it can only be used where <topicref> can be used. This is the reason why DITAVAL-references cannot be used at a bookmap level.