Cluster DITA Maps with DITAVAL-References - Fluid Topics - 3.4 - Technical Notes

Upload DITA Content to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

DITAVAL-references allow to generate several variants of a same map. Map variants are then clustered in the Search Results page.

To do so, it is necessary to add the DITAVAL-references to the bookmap element.

To generate two variants, OD1000 and OD2000, of the "Spare Part Catalogue" map:
  1. Add the DITAVAL-references to OD1000.ditaval and OD2000.ditaval at the root of _spare_part_catalogue.ditamap.
    <map xml:lang="en-US" linking="none">
        <title>Upload DITA Content to Fluid Topics</title>
        <ditavalref href="./OD1000.ditaval"/>
        <ditavalref href="./OD2000.ditaval"/>
  2. Add the dita:ditaval metadata element in the conf.json in the search tag part.
    Note: Make sure the dita:ditaval metadata element is declared in descriptors array.
        "metadata": {
          "descriptors": [
              "id": "dita:ditaval",
              "label": {
                "en-US": "ditaval",
                "fr-FR": "ditaval"
          "tags": {
            "search": [
    Two variants of the DITA map are generated and clustered in the Search Results page.
Attention: Do not variant the title of the maps. This would result in a breadcrumb instead of a cluster.