Update the Title of an Unstructured Document - Fluid Topics - 3.4 - Technical Notes

Upload Unstructured Documents to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

To update the title previously assigned to an unstructured document, perform the following steps:

  1. Create or edit the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml with the <facet name="ft:title"> parameter added.

    The ft:file and ft:facet elements from the previously uploaded unstructured document must be kept.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ft:resources xmlns:ft="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v2/ft#" 
    <!-- To update an Unstructured Document Title -->
      <ft:resource xml:lang="en-US" id="tm_assembly" status="visible">
          <ft:facet name="product">OD1000</ft:facet>
          <ft:facet name="ft:title">OD1000 Time Machine Assembly Scheme</ft:facet>
    Where filepath is used to identify the document. It is also possible to use the originId of the document. If an originId was manually set for the document, it is not possible to use filepath.
    Attention: If the document is not in the archive and no originId was defined for the document, then the filePath must be used to identify the document.
  2. Upload an archive containing the updated FluidTopicsControlFile.xml through the Unstructured Documents source.
    Note: There is no need to include the unstructured document files in the archive.