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A semantic metadata element associates a string value with a key. Semantic metadata begin with ft:, such as ft:title.

Fluid Topics generates the following semantic metadata to manage content:

  • ft:title: defines the title of a publication or section.
  • ft:description: defines the description of a publication or section.
  • ft:locale: defines a publication locale (country language+region designator).
  • ft:baseId: used to build canonical Fluid Topics URLs.
  • ft:clusterId: its value is used to cluster several publications in the Search page.
  • ft:openMode: defines whether or a link appears within Fluid Topics or opens in an external page.
  • ft:originUrl: is the URL of the publication outside Fluid Topics.
  • ft:editorialType: define the editorial type of a map. Only one of the following values is accepted:
    • Book (default) - topics are indexed separately and returned as search results.
    • Article - topics are only used for navigation, but they are not indexed as individual fragments. An article is considered by Fluid Topics as a whole piece of documentation and opens from the beginning.
  • ft:prettyUrl: defines an arbitrary URL and provides access to both structured and unstructured documents with redirection to the canonical Fluid Topics URL.
  • ft:lastEdition: is the date when the content was last modified.

The last edition date is different from the last publication date. For information about how Fluid Topics calculates these values, see Last Publication and Edition Date Values.