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When uploading Unstructured Documents, you can give instructions to Fluid Topics through an XML file. This file named FluidTopicsControlFile.xml contains all processing instructions to upload your unstructured documents into Fluid Topics. In this file, you can give, for each image, the following information:
  • The filename of the image file to upload from the archive

  • Some additional information, e.g., a title, to display in Fluid Topics

Tip: When importing an image database, e.g., a set of electrical wiring diagrams, into Fluid Topics, uploading with a Control File can be a long-term time-saving solution even though the preparation might first seem long. It enables you to quickly change the title of your images without editing each file manually.

All the images to upload and the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml must be sent within a one and only ZIP archive.

Once published, it is possible to search these standalone images by their new title, if one was defined in the Control File. The new title, given in the ft:dispName element in the Control File, is automatically converted into an ft:publication facet value. This facet gathers all document names on the portal. It is displayed for filtering for instance in the left panel of the Search Results page.
ft:displayName converted in Publications facet in the Search panel

To send the two images time_zone_cheatsheet.png and standard_time_zones_of_the_world.png with related information:

  • time_zone_cheatsheet.png
    • Title: "Time Zone Cheatsheet"
    • Description: "This document helps you define a time zone to set for your time travel."
  • standard_time_zones_of_the_world.png
    • Title: "Standard Time Zones of the World"
    • Description: "This document shows all the time zones available on the planet."
  1. Add the images to the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml control file.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ft:resources xmlns:ft="" 
       <ft:resource xml:lang="en-US" id="time_zones_image" status="visible">
          <ft:dispName>Time Zone Cheatsheet</ft:dispName>
          <ft:description>This document helps you define a time zone to set for your time travel.</ft:description>
       <ft:resource xml:lang="en-US" id="standard_time_zones_image" status="visible">
          <ft:dispName>Standard Time Zones of the World</ft:dispName>
          <ft:description>This document shows all the time zones available on the planet.</ft:description>
  2. Prepare the ZIP archive. All files must be at the root level:
      ├── FluidTopicsControlFile.xml
      ├── time_zone_cheatsheet.png
      └── standard_time_zones_of_the_world.png
  3. Publish the archive through the Unstructured Documents processing pipeline.

    These two images are displayed with their display name and their description in the Search Results page:
    Images displayed in the Search Results page

  4. Click on an image title to open it in the Document Viewer page.
    Image opened in Fluid Topics Document Viewer