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Manage Languages in Fluid Topics

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The language of unstructured documents is defined in the corresponding control file.

xml:lang is an optional attribute of the ft:resource parameter. It allows users to define the language of the resource, as shown in the following example:

  <ft:resource xml:lang="$LANG_CODE_OF_THE_RESOURCE">

In the above example, xml:lang is expecting the ISO 639-1 code in lowercase and an ISO 3166-1 code in uppercase, separated by a hyphen.

Attention: If ft:resource@xml:lang is not set, the portal tries to automatically detect the language of the unstructured document. If this is not possible, the language is set to American English.
Note: It is possible to configure this attribute for the ft:resource parameter. In this case, the same language attribute is assigned to all unstructured documents in the archive.