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The ft:khubItem element is used within the ft:khubItems element to declare the Knowledge Hub element (generally a map) that is the target of the operation.

The ft:khubItem element is mandatory within the ft:khubItems element.

It is composed of the following elements:

  • @ft:originID attribute used to identify the KHub item that will be modified/deleted from the Fluid Topics portal. If no ft:originID was provided in the original FTML map, the filename of the map and its path within the archive are required.
  • @type attribute used to declare the type of the KHub item.
  • @ft:publishStatus attribute used to delete a KHub item from the Fluid Topics portal.
  • @ft:lang attribute used to override the original KHub item's language.
  • @ft:editorialType attribute used to override the original KHub item's type.
  • @ft:title attribute used to override the original KHub item's title.
  • ft:metas element used to add new metadata or override existing metadata.
  • ft:rights element to add new rights or override existing rights.

If ft:editorialType is not set, the editorial type is overriden to be Book.

The following lines show an example of the ft:khubItem element:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ft:controlFile xmlns:ft="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v3/ft#">
<ft:khubItem type="map" ft:originID="map_1" ft:lang="en-US" ft:editorialType="article"
ft:title="Installation Guide">
<ft:meta key="ft:feature">autocomplete</ft:meta>
<ft:rights accessLevel="restricted">
<ft:khubItem type="map" ft:originID="map_2" ft:publishStatus="deleted" />
<ft:khubItem type="map" ft:originID="/full/path/to/myftmapWithoutOriginId.ftmap"
ft:publishStatus="deleted" />