Prepare Archives to Upload - Fluid Topics - 3.5 - Technical Notes

Upload Unstructured Documents to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

If you want your uploaded documents to be indexed, provide the appropriate files in a directory that also contains a Control File for Fluid Topics to know where to find the new content.

The unstructured content to be indexed may contain files such as the following:
  • PDF files
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • ePub files
  • Etc.
Each new upload must be a ZIP file containing the following elements:
  • The new file(s) to be indexed,


  • A FluidTopicsControlFile.xml file containing the path to the updated content.
Attention: If no originId is defined for the documents, then all document filenames must be unique.

Perform the following steps to upload an unstructured document to the portal:

  1. Create a FluidTopicsControlFile.xml control file.
  2. Create an archive containing the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml and the unstructured document(s) to upload.
Attention: Ensure that the path of each document within the archive corresponds to the one entered in the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml control file.
Tip: We recommend using the appropriate web services to upload content to Fluid Topics. Using the Back Office to upload content is the legacy method.