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Upload Unstructured Documents to Fluid Topics

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Technical Notes

The following lines show the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml to upload the PDF file named time_machine_assembly.pdf, stored under the /Users/johndoe/OLEANDOR directory tree, to Fluid Topics.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    <resource lang="en-US">
      <displayName>OD1000 Time Machine Assembly</displayName>
      <description>This document presents the assembly of the OD1000 Time Machine parts.</description>
        <meta key="product">
Note: The filePath value is using Unix file system path, i.e using "/" between each level in the directory.
Once uploaded into Fluid Topics, the document is displayed in the Search Results as follows:
The Time Machine Assembly PDF document is displayed with its title and its description in the Search Results page
The following elements are displayed:
  • The title defined in the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml is displayed. If it had not been defined, the filename would have been displayed.
  • The product facet associated to the document is displayed as a tag below the document title.
  • The document description is displayed when making a search with no keyword or if no word in the PDF document content matches the keyword.

    If the content matches the keyword, the matching content is displayed in place of the description. For instance, when looking for the continuum keyword, the document description is replaced by a document excerpt where the keyword is found. The keyword is highlighted in bold:
    The Time Machine Assembly PDF document words matching the keyword are highlighted