Upload with the Publish Interface - Fluid Topics - 3.5 - Technical Notes

Upload Unstructured Documents to Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Note: The Publish interface is only available to users with the KHUB Administrator Role .
  1. Click the Administration menu in the Fluid Topics header:

    The Admin options appear after clicking on the round gear sign
  2. Click Knowledge Hub.
  3. Choose the archive to upload by clicking the button.
  4. Select the source for your archive:

    By default, the following sources are available:

    • Default Author-it for Author-it-generated content.
    • Default DITA for DITA-generated content.
    • Default UD for Unstructured Documents.
  5. Click .

    Note: When successfully uploading a control file through a source that is not of the Unstructured Documents type, the following information is provided in the History table of the Knowledge Hub interface: Published=0, Failed=0 and Rejected files=0. This is due to the fact that despite the Control File being taken into account for the specified document, the Control File itself is not indexed, searchable or accessible in the Fluid Topics portal.
    No failed or rejected file means that the upload was successful
    More information about the upload can be consulted in the Dataflow interface of the Back Office.