Background Image Under 1024 Pixels Wide - Fluid Topics - 3.6

Promote Content in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

If the image for the background is less than 1024 pixels wide, follow this procedure:
  1. In Sorted Replies, click on NEW REPLY and fill in the following fields:

    Creating a new reply and defining all its details
    Give a title to your promotional content (required).
    Describe your promotional content (optional).
    Redirect your visitors towards another page (optional).
    Note: All written content in these fields will be displayed on the homepage (except if the banner key-value attribute is used).
  2. Click on the + button.
  3. In the key field, enter backgroundRepeat.
  4. In the value field, enter false.
  5. In the top-right menu, click on SAVE AND PUBLISH:

    Saving and publishing your changes
The promotional content can now be found in the search results:
Promotional content in the search results
Attention: By default, the picture is repeated several times until it fills the entire space of the promotional content if its size is less than 1024 pixels wide by 256 pixels high.