Creating a Home Carousel - Fluid Topics - 3.6

Promote Content in Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

In Fluid Topics, one or more blocks of promotional content can be displayed under the search bar of the homepage.

A home carousel is a series of promotional content blocks, which are automatically displayed one after the other. To switch between such blocks manually, arrows are available on each side of the carousel.

A block of promotional content can consist of:

  • Text containing a title (required), a description (optional) and a link (optional)
  • Text with a background
  • Only a background

The background can be associated with a link and may be in the form of:

  • A color
  • A single picture filling the whole promotional space (optimal size is 1024 pixels wide by 256 pixels high)
  • A picture repeated several times in a row over the entire surface of the promotional space

The height of the carousel is set by the height of the tallest slide.

The height of a slide is set by:

  • The banner dimensions (the picture is scaled at 1024 pixels wide)
  • The amount of text in a textual slide
  • The textualMinHeight key-value attribute
  • The bannerMaxHeight key-value attribute

Example of a Fluid Topics home carousel with a picture as background behind textual information:

This Fluid Topics carousel is made of both text and a background image

Tip: A video tutorial is available to learn how to create a promotional content on the homepage:

Link to the homepage promotional content how-to tutorial

Attention: Promotional content is not displayed if an Editorial Homepage is configured in Fluid Topics.

To use promotes, export your tile configuration to save it for further use, and delete your tile configuration from the Tiles screen .