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Technical Notes

From the Analytics > Content Usage > Most popular documents page, it is possible to export the results of a query in XLSX format.

  1. Select the Export to XLSX button.
  2. Select OK to launch the export.

The export generates an XLSX file named most_popular_documents.xlsx with the following information for each document:

  • Rank: rank of the document in the corpus.
  • Views: number of views logged for the document.
  • ID: ID of the document.
  • Title: title of the document.
  • Link: URL to view the document in the portal.
  • Metadata 1 to n: all the metadata available for the listed documents are displayed by label (ID). A value is given for each metadata element if appropriate. Otherwise, the cell remains empty.

The rank does not necessarily start from 1. It is carried over from the unfiltered results even though the export is based on the filtered results.

XLSX files are easy to read when opened with a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.


The following example shows the XLSX file generated when exporting the results with filters applied as described in the previous example:

Most popular documents export file