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Fluid Topics offers each user a personalized search experience by mobilizing AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) that relies on content having metadata associated with it. Without metadata, content would not be easily searchable.

If a document has no metadata, users can only find it by searching for the exact title of the document.

For a conceptual overview of what metadata is and what it achieves, see Metadata on Wikipedia.

Fluid Topics makes a distinction between the following two types of metadata:

  • Semantic metadata - Fluid Topics generates this metadata to manage content within the Knowledge Hub.
  • Custom metadata - Content creators define this metadata to tag and classify content by author, version, product, platform, etc.

Examples of metadata in Fluid Topics

Metadata is visible to a portal's end-users as tags, facets and cluster selectors.

  • Facets on the Homepage, Search page and Reader page allow users to refine their search.
  • Tags in a document's Cover page identify the document's main categories at a glance.
  • In some cases, Fluid Topics groups documents with the same tags together in a cluster.