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By default, Fluid Topics assigns the same value for the ft:clusterId metadata key to all the variants of a given document uploaded through the same source. The assignment of this value is automatic for content uploaded through the DITA, FTML, Unstructured Document, and custom connectors if the ft:clusterId semantic metadata element is implemented.

When leaving the default value in place, there is no need to declare the ft:clusterId metadata element in the Search page administration interface.

However, it is possible to cluster documents or topics from different sources together by manually overriding the default value that Fluid Topics assigns to the the ft:clusterId metadata key.

Since Author-it variable names cannot contain a colon, it is not possible to use the ft:clusterId metadata element to cluster Author-it content.

The ft:clusterId metadata element is case-sensitive. If case does not match, the cluster will not work.