Upload a DITA Map Attachment with a Control File - Fluid Topics - 3.6 - Technical Notes

Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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From Fluid Topics v3.4.55, it is possible to add a map attachment to a DITA map by using a control file.

It is not necessary to upload content when using a control file to add a map attachment.

  1. Create or edit the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml file according to your needs:
  2. Compress the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml file and the file(s) to attach in a ZIP archive.
  3. Upload the ZIP archive to Fluid Topics through the DITA source used to publish the DITA map.

If both the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml and the FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml are found in a same archive, only the FluidTopicsControlFile.xml is taken into account, and the following error message appears in the Back Office:

Another control file in the legacy format has been found in this archive (FluidTopicsDitaControlFile.xml), it will be ignored