Detach a Ftmap Attachment - Fluid Topics - 3.6 - Technical Notes

Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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To detach a map attachment from an instance of a Ftmap, three methods are available:

The attachment is not deleted in case it would be attached to another document in the portal. It is only detached from the document. All its related information (originId, displayName, and so on) are stored for any further use.

When successfully uploading a control file through a source that is not of the Unstructured Documents type, the following information is provided in the History table of the Knowledge Hub interface: Published=0, Failed=0 and Rejected files=0. This is due to the fact that the control file is taken into account for the specified document but is not itself indexed, searchable or accessible in the Fluid Topics portal.
No failed or rejected file means that the upload was successful
More information about the upload can be consulted in the Dataflow interface of the Back Office.