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Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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Users with the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN role can attach files or URLs to an Ftmap when publishing it.


The following Ftmap is an exhaustive example of the types of attachments which can be added to a Ftmap:

<ft:map xmlns:ft="http://ref.fluidtopics.com/v3/ft#" ft:lang="en-US" ft:originID="ftmap_id" ft:title="Time Machine User Guide"
<ft:rights accessLevel="restricted">
<ft:meta key="Status" type="stringTree">Market-Ready</ft:meta>
<ft:meta key="Version" type="string">2.0</ft:meta>
<ft:meta key="audience" type="string">Expert</ft:meta>
<ft:node ft:originID="first_topic" href="topics/intro_to_time_machines.html" ft:title="Introduction to Time Machines" type="topic">
<ft:node ft:originID="origin_id" href="topics/how_to_time_travel.html" ft:title="How to Time Travel" type="topic">
<ft:displayName>Spare Part Price List</ft:displayName>
<ft:displayName>Time Machine Mounting Scheme</ft:displayName>

Once uploaded successfully, the map attachments of the Time Machine User Guide are displayed in the Attachments tab of the Reader page. A Type icon appears to the left of the title of each attachment to help users know at a glance what type of content to expect before opening an attachment

For example, when redirecting users to a JPEG image available on a different web page, it can be helpful to display the JPEG icon and an arrow in the Reader page. To do so, add the filename with the image/jpeg MIME type in the <ft:mimeType> tag as in the following example:

<ft:displayName>Time Machine Mounting Scheme</ft:displayName>

This prompts Fluid Topics to display icons showing users that Time Machine Mounting Scheme is both an external link and a JPG image:

An external link to the JPEG content as a map attachment