What is a Map Attachment? - Fluid Topics - 3.6 - Technical Notes

Manage Map Attachments in Fluid Topics

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A map attachment is a file intended to be attached to a structured publication, such as:

  • PDF files
  • Word files
  • ePub files
  • Image files
  • Video files

Files added as map attachments are not part of the indexed content.

Map attachments can be found in the Attachment tab of the related publication, as shown in the following example:

Map attachments are available from the Reader page Sidebar

Fluid Topics v3.6 introduces a complete set of web services to allow ADMIN and KHUB_ADMIN users to manage map attachments. Previously, web services specific to map attachments were only available for listing and downloading.

For types of publications other than DITA and FTML, the web services are the only method available to manage map attachments in Fluid Topics v3.6.

Alternative methods are available to upload map attachments depending on the publication format and the version of Fluid Topics currently in use:

Attachments for DITA publications

Map attachments for DITA publications are managed through the Dita PaF.

Attachments for FTML publications

Map attachments for FTML publications are managed through the FTML PaF.

Both methods can be used together to manage DITA and FTML map attachments.

Map attachments are not limited to files. A URL may also be associated with a document as a map attachment.