Consulting an Instance - Fluid Topics - 3.6 - Technical Notes

Prepare AWS for an Installation of Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

Fluid Topics
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Technical Notes
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  1. On the AWS console (accessible by clicking the upper left orange cube from any page), click EC2 under Compute:

    Opening the EC2 dashboard
    The EC2 Dashboard is displayed.
  2. Click n Running Instances:

    Checking the running instances
    The relevant pieces of information for all created instances are displayed on a table:

    Besides others, the ID, type, status, and public IP of each instance are displayed

  3. For each instance, the following table shows the Public IP that will be used to connect as SSH using the key pair:

    Public IP addresses to use to connect as SSH with a key pair
Tip: To connect using this IP, run the following command on a dedicated terminal with the appropriate SSH access as specified in the security group:
ssh -i "path/to/KeyPair.pem" ec2-user@<instance_public_ip>
Tip: Do not forget to validate the key by running the following command:
chmod -400 "path/to/KeyPair.pem"