AWS Overview - Fluid Topics - 3.7 - Technical Notes

Prepare AWS for an Installation of Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

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The installation of Fluid Topics on multiple servers is performed on AWS via the AWS console.

Note: Access to the AWS console is the responsibility of the customer.

An installation on multiple servers allows a complex architecture to be safely implemented with various security and redundancy setting.

The present documentation aims to explain the procedure to implement such architecture.

Attention: IP addresses and server hostnames in this documentation are provided as examples, and can be customized at the customer's discretion. Unless explicitly expressed, this technical note only consists in recommendations to prepare an installation on multiple servers with the required minimum.

The multi-machine architecture aims to match the following information:

  • 2 Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) (one for each region):
    • 1 on the West Coast (California)
    • 1 in Europe
  • 3 subnets (one for each zone within a region):
    • West Coast Zone A
    • West Coast Zone B
    • Europe Zone A

Multiserver installation architecture

The first part of this documentation aims to guide users in order to install one VPC corresponding to the following diagram:

One VPC region