Step 4: Add Storage - Fluid Topics - 3.7 - Technical Notes

Prepare AWS for an Installation of Fluid Topics on Multiple Servers

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Tip: This step must be common to ALL instances. It is recommended to add a second disk in order to ease backup policies, snapshot management, etc.

List of volumes
  1. On the "Root" volume line, uncheck the Delete on Termination box.

    Unchecking "Delete on Termination"
    Attention: If left checked, this option will delete all data present on the disk, which can lead to serious damages.
  2. Click Add New Volume to add more storage.
  3. Select EBS as Volume Type.
    The EBS volume type allows users to modify their storage size at will in the future.
  4. Adjust the Size (GiB) of the new volume.
    We recommend "8" for the servers hosting MongoDB environment. The final size of this second disk is the responsibility of the customer, but it can be modified at will.
  5. Click Next: Tag Instance:

    Proceeding to "Tag Instance"