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Documents in Fluid Topics are represented as structured data. Such data are then weighted. For example, title, links, or abstract fields can be overweighted in comparison to the other fields or the whole content.

The Weight attribute corresponds to the relevance of a document according to the weight of the fields where the query words are found. These weights are automatically set at indexing time.

In Fluid Topics, the following fields are indexed as full text for each kind of content and this is the weighting repartition:
  • Books and Unstructured Documents: Only titles are indexed as full text.
  • Articles: Title and topic content are indexed as full text. Article topics are not returned as results. Only the whole article is.
  • Book topics: Title, abstract, and the title of the map where they appear, are indexed. Titles are weighted stronger than their abstract, which are weighted stronger than their map title.

This attribute ranks documents in descending order.