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A Fluid Topics Dashboard is available to check the health of all tenants on a server.

To access the dashboard, go to the following address: http://myftserver:port/ where "myftserver" is the name of the server hosting the front environment and "port" is the port number of the server.


The server hosting the front environment of the 8/stable service is named: fluidtopics-server01 and is opened on the 8080 port.

To consult the dashboard for the 8/stable service, go to: http://fluidtopics-server01:8080/

If you are a client with an on-premises license, your tenant dashboard is turned off by default for security reasons.

The dashboard gives an overview of all your tenants.

The dashboard gives access to all your tenants

It is available with the following URL:


To enable your dashboard, add the following parameter to the server.conf file located in /usr/local/afs7/Fluid-Topics/web/conf/:

fluidtopics.dashboard.enable = true

For this modification to be taken into account, it is mandatory to restart the Fluid Topics server by running the following command:

As root user

systemctl restart fluidtopics

The dashboard displays the following information from top to bottom:

  1. Version of Fluid Topics installed on the server
  2. Filtering options
  3. Tenant health with color scheme:
    • Green: The tenant is properly working.
    • Yellow: The tenant configuration is invalid, e.g., the conf.json file is not valid.
    • Orange: The tenant encounters an issue, e.g., no content was published through the Knowledge Hub.

When clicking the cog, the operational status is displayed for the main elements (MongoDB, etc.) of the tenant.
When clicking the arrow icon, you get access to the tenant portal.