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The introduction of the Title bar, Cover page, Document shortcut menu, Topic shortcut menu, and Switch to relatives feature significantly changes the appearance of the Reader page. These changes require configuration by an administrator. If this condition is not met, the Reader page will keep its legacy appearance. Information about navigating the legacy Reader page is available in previous versions of this document.

Selecting a Personal book in the Personal books pane opens it in a dedicated Reader page as follows:

Personal book reader


  1. The Table of Contents tab listing the topics available in the Personal book.
  2. The title of the Personal book as defined at the moment of its creation or modification.
  3. An expander arrow to open a dedicated Cover page with options to share or export the Personal book.
  4. The Edit personal book tab with action buttons to:
  5. An icon that appears next to personal topics.
  6. An example of a note added to the topic by the creator or an editor of the Personal book.

Users can edit a topic or view the original topic in context by accessing the Personal book shortcut menu.