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The appearance of the header depends on:

  • Whether the user is authenticated.
  • Which interface the user is viewing.

By default, the header includes the following buttons:

  • Sign Up: invites users create a Fluid Topics account.
  • Sign In: lets users log in to Fluid Topics.
  • Language

Fluid Topics interface language can be changed from the header

Once logged in to the portal, the header includes the following additional buttons depending on the user's role.

  • Administration grants access to the Administration menu, the About this tenant window, and the Debug tools window. It is available to users with the ADMIN, KHUB_ADMIN, PORTAL_ADMIN and/or USERS_ADMIN role.
  • Analytics grants access to the Analytics page page and is available to users with the ADMIN or ANALYTICS_USER role.
  • My Account grants access to the following:
    • Account settings (only available if Offline mode is enabled for the portal).
    • User assets stored in My Library.
    • A button to log out of the portal.

Header for admin users