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Facets allow users to precisely define the various properties of the document they are looking for. Examples of such properties include language, version, product, etc. By using facets, users can easily switch from one version of a document to another and go directly to the most relevant content.

On Fluid Topics Homepage, facets are easily accessible and can be used in addition to the keyword search:

Facets allows to refine your search form the homepage

To use a filtering facet

  1. Select the name of the facet.

    The following drop-down menu containing the list of facet values is displayed:

    Facet with all its values in a drop-down list on the homepage

  2. Select a facet value in the drop-down menu.

    Value selected for a facet on the homepage

    Note that the name of the facet is modified to reflect the selected value(s).

    Depending on the facet, only one facet value can be selected.

  3. Select the FT Search Icon "Search" icon.

Search query ready to be launched on the homepage

In this example, the search query only returns topics in English that are labeled as Release Notes and matching the "user" keyword.

To configure the metadata to display on the Homepage, consult the Configure a Simple Homepage section or the Configure a Guided Homepage section depending on the type of homepage you use.