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On the Fluid Topics Homepage, a search field allows users to search for all documents in the portal which contain one or more keywords.

Fluid Topics Homepage


  1. Fluid Topics header
  2. A title and short description of the Fluid Topics portal.
  3. The content language selector.
  4. A search field in which to type one or more keywords. Entering an empty search query displays all the documentation the user has the right to access in the Search page.
  5. Facets to refine the search by including or excluding criteria.
  6. Tiles that showcase key information.

For more information about how to use facets, see Facets on the Homepage.

To search for topics containing a specific keyword:

  1. Enter the keyword in the search field:

    FT Homepage search

    The smart autocomplete feature presents matching content.

  2. Select the FT Search Icon "Search" icon.