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The Document shortcut menu is only available if an administrator has configured the portal to display it. If this condition is not met, the Reader page will keep its legacy appearance. Information about navigating the legacy Reader page is available in previous versions of this document.

In the Cover page at the beginning of each document, a shortcut menu is available. Selecting the icon to the right of the document's title opens the Document shortcut menu as follows:

Document shortcut menu


  1. A section with actions available to users.
  2. A section reserved for administrators. Selecting View all metadata opens the document's Metadata journal.

- The availability of the Share URL and Print buttons depends on whether an administrator has configured the portal to display them and whether the user has the appropriate user role.

- To view the Administration section of the Document shortcut menu, it is necessary to have the ADMIN or KHUB_ADMIN user role.

- If none of the required criteria are met (user does not have any of the associated roles or configuration is not compatible), the Document shortcut menu is not displayed.