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The Search in document mode displays a search box in the Reader page where users can enter keywords to search within a structured document.

- The Search in document mode is enabled by default. It is possible to disable it in the Reader page administration interface.

- If enabled, the Search in document mode is available to both authenticated and unauthenticated users.

Selecting the Search in document tab of the Reader page sidebar displays the search box as follows:

Search in document option

Suggest and Autocomplete options are not currently available for the Search in document feature.

All results matching the user's keywords are listed in the sidebar:

Search in document result list

  • The number of search results is displayed below the search box.
  • Results follow the same order as the document's Table of Contents.
  • For each result, the title, the breadcrumb, and an excerpt with highlighted occurrences of the user's keywords are displayed.

Selecting a result opens the topic in the content pane of the Reader page. If two results with the same name are available in several locations within the document, the Choose among x variants button appears between the topic's title and the breadcrumb as follows:

Search in document result with variants

Selecting the Choose among x variants button opens a drawer with a list of all available variants of the document.