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To access the My searches feature, the user must have the SAVED_SEARCH_USER role.

Introduced in Fluid Topics v3.7.25, the My searches tab appears as follows:

My searches tab


  1. The My searches tab. Selecting this tab opens the My searches pane.
  2. The My searches pane. After saving a search, a summary indicating the search term(s), the content language, and the Sort by type (relevance or last update) appear, along with the Manage my searches button allowing the user to view all saved searches in the My Library > Searches interface.
  3. The Copy link button. Selecting this button opens a dialog displaying the URL of the list of search results with the current selection of filters applied. Selecting the Button to copy a link to a saved search button copies the URL to the user's clipboard:

    Copy link popup

  4. The Save button opens the Save current search dialog with options to configure the saved search.

- It is not possible to save an empty search. Using search terms is optional, but if none are used, it is necessary to select at least one facet.

- For more details about saving, consulting, modifying and deleting a saved search, see Searches.